Volunteers are an Essential Part of Mary Ryder Home

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More than 650 volunteers provide more than 5,500 hours of volunteer service helping Mary Ryder Home’s Residents and promoting our mission. Mary Ryder Home volunteers help in the following ways:

Resident Experience: Become part of our family by joining our ladies in group activities or in a one-on-one setting.


  • Social Groups: book club, choir, movie night
  • Game Days: bingo, bunco, Wii bowl and more
  • Arts & Crafts: including holiday decor crafting
  • Beauty Day: a day with new hair do’s and painted fingernails
  • Holiday Parties: are you good at surprise parties?
  • Picnics & BBQs: like to barbecue? come cook for us!
  • Field Trip Day: join us for a shopping trip or sporting event
  • Visitor & Pet Companionship: have a therapy puppy in need of more love?
  • Pen Pals: learn more about our residents and really become part of our family!
  • “Adopt a Resident”: many of our ladies don’t have local family out and would welcome a new friend who would visit regularly. Come be part of our family!

Facility Projects: If you’ve got a handyman bone or a flair for aesthetics you (and maybe a group of friends) could help us with activities related to maintaining the Home.

  • Gardening: mulching, planting, trimming, or help us plan the garden for next season
  • Handyman: minor repairs and patch painting (*must have a background in the industry)
  • Holiday Decorating: our ladies and our friends love to craft and gift us with beautiful holiday decorations, help us beatify the Home each season and safely store last season’s decorations
  • “2 Volunteers & A Dollie”: are you a mover and a shaker? Help us re-arrange furniture and organize files
  • Stitch Fix: do you have skills as a tailor or seamstress? Help our ladies look fashion forward by mending or hemming cloths
  • Tours: help us share our home with new residents, potential family and our donors

Fundraising & Special Events: It’s so much more than raising funds, it’s raising hope and happiness!

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  • Virtual Opportunity Shopper: love finding that bargain, cutting those coupons or searching out those sales? Our home is looking for a trustworthy volunteer who can make purchases on our behalf – perhaps for Prize Pool or items off of our “Welcome Registry!”
  • Resident Registry Shopper: just like a registry full of gifts for a new couple, our Resident Registry contains several lists of different gift in-kind donation items that our ladies utilize regularly or would enjoy having. (Examples include Bingo prizes and a Welcome Basket for new Residents.) This would be a wonderful fundraising activity for a Girl/ Boy Scout troop or a group of corporate volunteers! In addition to raising funds/ donation, the incoming items may need to be wrapped. Look for volunteer “Gift Wrap Days” especially around the holidays.
  • Special Events Committee: have a skill for organization or solicitation? Committee members assist with program ad sales and solicitation of sponsorships and auction items for our annual events. You can also assist with other aspects of event operations, such as planning and execution, decoration and sending of acknowledgements.
  • Special Events Volunteers: help us the evening of our annual fundraisers! Assist our staff in creating a fun and joyful atmosphere four our guests at Mary Ryder Home’s events, including our Trivia Night and our Jubilee Gala. (Trivia Night is a wonderful place for High School volunteers to make their first big splash!!)
  • 3rd Party Fundraiser: create your won fundraiser – a walk/ run at the local high school, a car wash, bake sale, or social gathering – and donate your proceeds to the Mary Ryder Home!

Talent Share & Expert Knowledge: Do you have a special skill or talent you would like to share with our residents? Do you play an instrument and want to perform? Do you have a wealth of knowledge on a certain topic? Perhaps you’d like to teach a class or become one of our Expert Volunteers!

  • Performances: do you look like Elvis? Are you a high school band? Do you have a comedy routine?
  • Computer Classes: could you teach a small group computer and internet basics in this age of technology?
  • Movement Classes: are you a certified yoga instructor who could lead chair yoga? Would you enjoy leading a walking group?
  • Storytelling: do you have an announcer’s voice and like to read wonderful novels?
  • Expert Volunteers: Mary Ryder Home is also looking for volunteers who are experts in their field. As an Expert Volunteer you could assist staff oversee volunteer groups whom are working on a project in your field, or assist staff in the improvement of our Home. Some examples of Expert Volunteers are below.
    • Emergency Expert: are you an EMT or certified in emergency response? Help us create better “Emergency Procedures.”
    • Master Gardener: do you have a real green thumb? Become our head gardener and assist staff in planning next season’s garden. You may also have the opportunity to oversee small groups gardening, mulching or planting, or teach our ladies how to grow.
    • Choir Director: lead our ladies in song and help organize our annual Christmas Concert and Jubilee Concert
    • Clerical Expert: assist our staff with clerical duties and organization
    • Internship: are you an undergrad or graduate student interested in non-profit administration? Mary Ryder Home is considering opening up this unique semester long internship opportunity. (More details to come at a later date.)

Create Your Own Opportunity: Want to volunteer but you don’t see an opportunity above that really excites you? Feel free to contact us with your idea! If there is a need or a sufficient interest among our residents, we will be happy to include you in our Activities Schedule.

Volunteer Standard Practices & Expectations: Home is where the heart is! And volunteering in our Home will embed you forever in our hearts. At the Mary Ryder Home we have certain expectations of our volunteers: Showing Respect in our Home, treating everyone with respect just as you would when visiting your own family. Whether you’re here to entertain or do maintenance work, we expect volunteers to act with Professionalism and have the skills required to accomplish their set task from prep to clean-up. Our volunteers are Giving of their time and talents freely, without expectation of being compensated, and for that we thank you!

Some standard practices of volunteering at at Mary Ryder Home are:

  1. All volunteers must sign-in and sign our Release Form.
  2. If a volunteer serves for more than 9 hours, he or she must have received a PPD (tuberculosis) shot and undergo a background check through the Family Care Registry.
  3. Any volunteer going on an off-site outing needs to be CPR/ First Aide certified.

Wondering if you’re ready to volunteer? Ask yourself: What is my passion? What is my hidden talent? What can I do to bring others joy? Am I ready to join the Mary Ryder Home family? – We sure hope so!!

First Time Volunteers, please fill out our “Volunteer Form” at the top let of this page. If you have questions please contact our volunteer Coordinator, Terry Jones-Signaigo at tjsignaigo@maryryderhomE.org.