The Mary Ryder Home “Resident Registry” is a list of in-kind donation items that our Residents utilize regularly or would enjoy having.

 Before you make a selection of which Registry you, or your group, would like to invest in, please take note of the following:
  1. Each list has an item listed, the quantity of the item needed and lists specific sizes needed or noted restrictions.
  2. You can select the quantity (ex: 5, 10, or 20) you are able to provide of each item, or you can select zero (0) if you don’t wish to provide this item. If you wish to provide one of each item for all residents, please mention that in your email correspondence with MRH staff. (See #3 and 4 below.)
  3. This registry does not automatically list items already procured. Therefore, a member of the Mary Ryder Home staff will respond to your submission and begin a dialog via email about what you applied to give and what we already haveNote: Any item that has been provided in full (70 items) will be removed from the Registry by a MRH staff, to avoid duplicate entries. 
  4. You/ your group can “buy-out” the whole registry if you so choose.
  5. Some items require gift-wrapping, some do not. If an item requires wrapping, and you wish to wrap the items yourself, please select that option. If you do not wish to wrap your items, please denote that so MRH can organize a “Gift Wrapping Day” with our volunteers. Note: Information as to whether or not an item needs wrapped will be listed in the item’s description.  
  6. All items on the Registries are to be delivered to the Mary Ryder Home at 4361 Olive Street, St. Louis, MO 63108, by the “Due Date” listed at the bottom of the Registry page. (This is especially important for any gifts that need wrapped.) Please call ahead so we know when to expect your delivery!
  7. Thank You! And please know that your gift is a tax deductible in-kind donation and will be receipted as such.
We have so many Registries to choose from, please find one that best suits you: 
  • Welcome RegistryMany of our new Residents don’t have much when they first arrive. This registry contains important items that our newest family members can start using immediately. They help provide the comforts of a safe and caring home. (Printable PDF) (MRH is currently not in need of items off this registry)
  • Personal Supplies Registry: This registry is full of personal care items and goods that that will be privately owned. (Printable PDF)
  • Activity & Outing Registry: We do a lot together in our Home – from crafts, to chair dancing, to group games, to day-trips and outings. In this list you can see materials, prizes and funds needed. (Printable PDF)
  • Admin Aid Registry: Help the MRH staff care for our ladies by providing a few goods that will benefit many.(Printable PDF)
  • Building Beautification Registry: This registry supplies plants and decor that will help keep our Home beautiful, inside and out. (Printable PDF)
  • Please Note: MRH is not currently in need of throw blankets, rubber bottomed socks (as they are a falling hazard), or scented lotions.
  • Holiday Edition Registry: We celebrate the winter holidays with the giving of gifts. Click the Holiday Edition for a list of general gift ideas of all Residents or contact Emily at to inquire bout holiday gifts for a specific Resident. All gifts must be delivered to MRH no later than Wednesday December 18, 2019.