Wonders of the Season

The solar eclipse occurred Monday August 21st and the equinox, our first day of Autumn, occurs Friday September 22nd.

On Monday August 21st, our residents spent some time outside gazing at a very important star – our Sun. Just above the line of totality Mary Ryder Home of St. Louis had an excellent view of this once in a life-time event. As the Moon passed in front of the Sun, a twilight-like mood fell over the garden; it became darker and crickets could be heard. Some residents elected to stay inside and view the eclipse, in real time, on the television. No matter from where they viewed this phenomenon, the ladies of Mary Ryder Home were awed.  Today, in the garden the sunflowers are reaching their peak and bird are eating their seeds. Slowly, you can see the trees change colors all around us. During the upcoming weeks our Residents will be watching the beautiful changing colors of the seasons. We wish all of our supporters, friends, and donors happiness and a joyful sense of wonder during these events of our wonderful World!







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